Customer Loyalty Program

Satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand. -Shep Hyken

We already know that shopping local has so many benefits, but we are adding another reason for our community to shop small.

We believe that customers should be rewarded for shopping local and encouraged to return to our market. After all, the more people that shop at our market, the more people notice your brand!

We don't just want "customers", we want to encourage our shoppers to become regulars. We have BIG brands at our "small" shop.

The 506 Artisan Market is proud to offer a customer loyalty program at NO EXPENSE to our vendors.

Each customer will be awarded "Maker Points" for EVERY purchase, from ANY vendor.

What are Maker Points?

They are an AMAZING incentive to encourage customers to:

🛒 Become regular customers at the market

🛒 Support your brand

🛒 Encourage your success

Maker points can be redeemed for discounts off of subsequent purchases and do not expire.

Maker point discounts are awarded by the 506 Artisan Market and are NOT deducted in any way from a vendor's biweekly sales payout. 

It's win,!