Flicker & Fragrance


Flicker and Fragrance at 506 Artisan Market

I love creating items to bring comfort and joy to people.

Stephanie is the designer and creator behind Flicker & Fragrance, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

She is a multi medium artist that has been creating for over 10 years and the proud mother of three children, including a set of twins, both of which are on the ASD spectrum.

She creates candles in a variety of shapes and designs that are made from natural beeswax obtained from local farmers in her hometown. She strains and purifies the wax herself which results in a candle that burns longer and brighter and a regular wax candle. Beeswax candles also emit a delightful scent when they are lit.

Although Stephanie primarily creates with beeswax, she also has a passion for the old art form of stained glass. She learned to paint though the glass and loves making custom pieces for customers.

When she is not busy creating, Stephanie loves to read and relax in her hot tub. She shares her passion for reading with her children and has her own personal library with bookcases overflowing with books. Now that's what I call a soothing way to light up your spare time!

Explore everything Stephanie has to offer in our Flicker and Fragrance collection. We know you'll find something you love!

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