Tea Addic

Tea Addic at 506 Artisan Market

Meet Kathleen, the designer and creator behind Tea Addic, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Kathleen's love for tea began when she was a child having tea parties with her grandmother.

Together they experimented with different combinations of ingredients to search for the perfect tea blend full of warmth and flavour.

Her passion for quality, flavourful tea blossomed into the creation of Tea Addic with her grandmother in 2018.

Kathleen creates natural loose leaf tea blends with the safest ingredients. She grows 85% of the plants herself to ensure the teas are as natural and flavourful as possible. Her collection incudes teas that are kosher, vegetarian, vegan or caffeine free.

Her special technique uses Old world tea traditions with modern mixology to create the perfect cup of tea rich with flavour and aroma. 

When she is not perfecting the art of tea making, Kathleen enjoys creating stained glass art and spending time with her beautiful huskies.

Explore everything Kathleen has to offer in our Tea Addic collection. We know you'll find something you love!

She is constantly creating new flavours and her product line changes with the seasons so check back often or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when new flavours are released.

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