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Premium Specialty Coffee - Rwandan Women's Co-op

Premium Specialty Coffee - Rwandan Women's Co-op

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**This is a limited run coffee. Get yours while quantities last.

Brew a delicious cup of coffee and support a women's co-op in Rwanda.

Following the 1994 genocide, Rwanda was a country of women. At that time, seventy-five percent of Rwandan men were either killed, imprisoned, or had fled the country. Families were left without fathers. Wives were left without husbands. Fields were left without farmers.

The Abakundakawa Coffee co-op includes two prominent women's associations, Duhingekawa and Abanyameraka who farm, transport, and process this high quality organic arabica coffee that you're currently holding. Not only does their co-op give them an opportunity to provide for their families, but the growing conditions in this mountainous region of Rwanda yields some of the best organic green coffee in the world.

Roasted locally, this coffee has an amazing taste and will make you feel good about what you put in your cup.

1/2 pound bag of whole bean specialty coffee.

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