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Teckwrap Vinyl - Clear Colour Changing

Teckwrap Vinyl - Clear Colour Changing

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The clear vinyl changes when chilled below 50°F and change back to its original look when temperature increased.

These are perfect for our colour changing cups. Find them here and add to cart!

What is Teckwrap?

Teckwrap is a premium permanent vinyl that was originally pioneered for the automotive industry.

After reaching global success, they expanded their product selection to the craft industry. This high-performance and long lasting vinyl is sold around the world and is now available at Crafty Corner Supplies!

Teckwrap is available in a rainbow of brilliant colours and patterns. Once you try it, you will understand all the hype. 

All of our Teckwrap vinyl is sold in 12 inch x 5 foot rolls and individually packaged.

Wondering what setting you need to use to cut Teckwrap vinyl? Click here to find machine specific instructions. 


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